Monday, October 18, 2010

Angrily Singing Gumballs!

It's another fill-in-the-blanks title day! adverb + verb + plural noun + bystander = angrily singing gumballs, apparently. Let us see what images come up when this is googled. Please stand by. [insert Muzak here] Aha. Heart-shaped eggs. Why not?

Back to our usual's WFTH are from the Say What? category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"What is the point of a guy wearing a belt if his pants still aren't where they're supposed to be?" Is this one of those rhetorical questions? If a tree falls on a school, do they still make you take your AP tests?

"Because if I was in your middle school, I would call you toothpaste." Oh yeah? I'd call you...tomato paste! So ha!

"How do you spell 'dismemberment'?" Just check the speech bubble above your head...Umm...why, exactly, do you want to know?

"Spain is lucky they didn't get pulled over." True dat. I often think this to myself. Spain is lucky.

"What if they're made of Pop-Tarts and their filling comes out?" I dunno, what if? Let's find out! *om nom nom* Conclusion: They are still delicious. Do try this at home.


Blake said...

Belts are basically just there for show now. Though there isn't really anything hot about saggy boxers, and I don't see why guys think it's cool to boxer-flash us.
I'd rather eat heart-shaped eggs than be boxer-flashed.
That is all.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

So true, so true.
Also true. I'd rather eat heart-shaped eggs any day, actually. :) Whether or not there are boxers involved. Preferably not.
But guess what? We learned how to say "underwear" in Spanish: "calzoncillos." So cool, right? Like calzones, only...not! :)
That is all.


Tassel said...

I prefer many things to getting boxer-flashed, and I prefer few things to eating heart-shaped eggs. Perhaps eating heart-shaped pancakes.