Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello, all!

So...guess what? It's National Maple Syrup Day! Mmm...

The best part of this picture is the waffle part. :) Because, of course, I am part waffle. Also, it's fun to watch the syrup pile up in the little square parts. :D

But anyway. Today's WFTH are from the Say What? category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"Maybe your brain isn't exactly an egg in a frying pan." Oh! I'm so offended that you would assume this! My brain is, indeed, an egg in a frying pan...I mean...wait...

"I don't believe in sentences." So, wait, then what did you just say? Paradox!!!

Person 1 (angry): "I'm a triangle! You're a square! There's a difference!"
Person 2 (indignant): "By one side!" Um. Okay.

"Let's go find an extreme place!" Like...Montana, for instance?

"Cookies are way easier. You don't have to study for cookies." Wait...why did no one ever tell me this? Does this mean all my flash cards explaining the meaning of chocolate chips and their greater purpose in life are useless? Well that was a ginormous waste of time. And flash cards.

"Weird thread creators unite! As soon as we finish creating this thread on moose burps." ...I have no comment for this. What the heck?


Blake said...

X-TREME NUNS ONLY LIVE IN X-TREME MONTANA! *crushes soda can with face*

charli said...

Yum on the waffle part and ick on the brain/frying pan part.