Monday, October 25, 2010

Nerdily Squishing Waffles

Got another words-from-a-passerby-Mad-Libs-title today. Let us see what comes up when that is googled. (This way -->)

Ummm...okay...Go Go Waffle Warriors! Go...spork!...some pancakes!...or whatever the heck you do...are these waffle warriors? Is that even a real thing? Okaaay...

Oh, and I apparently owe some apologies to the ever-present-editor Tassel and her sister: half of that extended Spanish argument a few posts ago took place in French (my bad), and I mistyped "Mi mono manco es en fuego," which should read as I just typed it (unless I mistyped again). :) Thanks, guys! You rock!

Sew, two daze post is inn the rather Duh-Inspiring category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"Factories today have zero to no windows." So true, so true.

Person 1: "It's out of 102."
Person 2: "So that means I got less than an F-minus. I got a G-minus." Again?

[a male student] "Mrs. Currin! I gave myself a nose job, what do I do now?" What more do you have to do? Quit while you're ahead!

"Today I look like a mango Popsicle." Really? Seems more tangerine-y to me...ooh! Tangelos! Mmm...

"What? Some people don't step on their pants!" Um, yeah. We kinda knew that.


Blake said...

Urgh, I hate those imaginary grades!
Right now I'm hating grades in general, really.

Tassel said...

"Sew, two daze post is inn the..."

That kind of made my brain explode.

Also, the first time I brought home an H on my report card, my dad looked at it and jokingly said, "H? Is that worse than F?"

Eve S. D'ropper said...

I'm sorry you hate both real and imaginary grades, Blake.

Tassel: that's awesome. My dad did the same thing. :) But congrats on getting over an A with your Hs!!