Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frappe Day. Das is good.

Actually, I have no idea if frappes are good or not. I've never had coffee in my life...but it smells really nasty. :) Hey, did you ever notice that the letters in MOCHA and MACHO are the same, just switched around a bit? Like, mochas are really manly, I'm sure. (Not that I would know. But they seem kinda like a non-macho drink to me. Who knows. :D)

So, guess what? Today's WFTH are: Rather Duh-Inspiring! My comments = italics! Enjoy! :)

"Yeah, it's really tough to live when there's not enough oxygen." Wow. Thanks. That was a teacher, lads and ladies.

"And I was the only one who remembered how to spell my name." Wait!! I can spell mine!! Eev...crap, I messed up already. Evee? Gosh-durn it. Shucks. Fiddlesticks.

"It wasn't like poof, it was like POOF!" Oh, why thank you for the clarification. *sigh*

Person 1: "Chew your cud!"
Person 2: "How 'bout really big bubble gum?"
Person 1: "Okay, bubblegum. Which you're not supposed to have 'cause we're at rehearsal."
Person 3: "Probably we shouldn't have cud at rehearsal either." Yeah, really. Because then everyone's all, digest, digest, digest, chew, digest, chew, and it's really annoying. Geez, people. Get it together.


Tassel said...

No cud allowed at rehearsal, please and thank you. This message brought to you by the Cows Association of America.

Blake said...

Frappes are milkshakes. Frappuccinos are iced coffee- or creme-based drinks. I should know, my life is coffee.