Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oh hey there...

I have a fun guessing game and it goes like this, are you ready? *ahem* Guess whoooo consistently is inconsistent about posting on WFTH yet has still been collecting and editing into one cohesive volume (in between, like, school and five jobs (recently dropped to four for sanity reasons) and has just gotten feedback from a few beta readers and has been editing like mad and and and...will (theoretically) be publishing the best of the best WFTH in an ebook-type way? (hint: it's me) SOOOO yeah. 

Secondary guessing game: who is REALLY REALLY good at run-on sentences? (ALSO ME; W00T.)

yeah. just, y'know, fyi. keep you reading (which, of course, due to lack of updates, no one IS), I was scribbling down vaguely amusing commentary while some freshmen and I were watching The Hunger Games...enjoy or don't enjoy, I don't run your life.

Onscreen Stuff Will Be In Bold while their/our commentary will be in, like, regular.

Katniss: hallucinating three Peetas telling her to run
Freshman dude: "There's three gorgeous men running at me, why would I run?"


Hunger Games commentator: "Ooh, tracker jackers. Oh, those things are very lethal."
Other HG commentator: "They can cause pain, hallucinations, and, in extreme cases, death."
Freshman 1: "Wait, I thought they were very lethal, not everyone dies?"
Freshman 2: "Well, there's levels of it. Like these are only like Level-7 Lethal."


Rue: [spoiler alert] dying
Freshman 1: "Quick, you gotta end on a joke."
Me: "What?"
Freshman 1: "Quick, quick, make a pun, end good."
Freshman 2: "You'll rue the day!"
Freshman 1: "Hahahaha!"
Rue: "Did you blow up the food?"
Freshman 1: "There you go! Wait, that's not really a joke. That's more of a question."
Rue: "You have to win."
Freshman 1: "That's not funny either."


Katniss: cries over Rue's death
Freshman 2: "I've known you for...three days!"
Me: "No, she reminds her of her sister and stuff."
Freshman 1: "Her sister's black?"
Me: "Yeah, didn't you notice?"


Katniss: finds Peeta camouflaged/disguised as a stone
Freshman 1: "Peeta, you rock!"
Me: ""
Freshman 2: "Peeta, you're grounded!"
Me: "Stop."

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