Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hat Day--boooring.

Sadly, today is nothing more exciting than Hat Day. But, on the plus side, we can always look forward to tomorrow, which is National Nothing Day, as well as Hot and Spicy Food International Day, which I would assume the hot and spicy foods get annoyed at, as it seems to imply that they are nothing...ah, well. We must let the innermost feelings of wasabi and the hurting thereof pass us by, and not get bogged down by our own despair.

Oh! So this is exciting. Apparently, my Anatomy teacher had a dream about me, in which I was, apparently, the star of some big-time play. And also I was playing a fairy, and she was watching the play with her three-year-old son and I guess I gave him a shout-out and he about had a spaz. And so they went to visit me in my dressing room and I answered the door in my fairy-outfit tutu, and her son was so excited ("a real live fairy, Mom!") that he almost passed out. And also the fairy role involved real flying plus also I made meatloaf.

...I didn't say it made sense, I just said it was exciting.

Random picture of the day:

Anyway, today's Words are from the Conversations category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

Person 1: "I thought we were physically gonna die."
Person 2: "As opposed to...?"
Person 1: "You're right. Well, it could have been a...a...spiritual death."
Person 2: " 'I just mentally pulled the trigger right there.' " I literally feel your pain. ...oh wait..


Person 1: "[insult] ...just kidding. You know I love you."
Person 2: "No. I didn't know that, actually."
Person 1: "Well I do. Surprise!" This does not make me any less insulted, if you're wondering...


Person 1: "You what I don't like? I don't like Pangaea."
Person 2: "Well, that's not here anymore. So that's okay." I CAN STILL HOLD A GRUDGE, CAN'T I?


Person 1: "Why didn't you ever tell us your little brother's adorable?"
Person 2: "Because he's not. He's annoying."
Person 1: "No, he's adorable! We saw him at the coffeehouse and he's like a little mini you! ...I want to put him in my knapsack."
Person 3: "Do you have a knapsack?"
Person 1: "No, but if I did..."
Person 3: "Note to self: never let you get a knapsack."
Person 1: "Hey, wanna go knapsack-shopping this weekend?" YES.

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the 12th doctor said...

RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY IS RANDOM! I saved it, cuz it's epic. Great work, where do you get all of these???