Sunday, October 2, 2011

Name Your Car Day!

Happy National Name Your Car Day! My friend wanted me to name my car Ariel's Execution Hedgehog...but I decided against it. Instead, I went with Idris. Same thing, though, really.

Random Picture of the Day:

Oh no! Not an attack of the poisonous leech-balloons! Run away, random office worker, run awaaaaaaay!!!!

Library Story of the Day: So I was shelving in the crafts section, and I don't really like shelving where patrons are trying to get books, because it's really awkward; you can't just shove the book on the shelf and get out of their way, no, you have to stare at the shelf for a while and move some books out if their spine labels are covered and whatnot, and it's awkward and it takes forever. So I was waiting for this one dude to get out of the quilting section--he was taking forever, going from shelf to shelf, seemingly methodically checking each individual book, taking some out, putting them back in...and then I remembered that he worked at the library. And was organizing the shelves.......whoops........

Anyway, today's Words are from the Conversations category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

Person 1: "I am a metaphorical threshold....I am a metaphorical threshold....I am a metaphorical threshold...."
Person 2: "Aaaand the last scene, in which, I think, Nick was a threshold?"
Person 1: "No, I was a dead body!" Eh, same thing.


Person 1: "Ha! I shot you!"
Person 2: "No you didn't because I'm a Patronus! It went right through me! You shot the fridge!"
Person 1: "Technically, I shot the toaster."
Person 2: [singing] "Iiiiiii shot the toasteeeeeerrrr (but I did not shoot the microwave...)" Iiiiiiiii shot the toasteeeer...but I swear it was in, really, it was shooting overdone toast at me! Have you felt those things? They're like missiles!

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