Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fool's Paradise Day, and why my computer should not be aware of this

Hello, all! My apologies for the gaps and delays; apparently our computer has realized that today is Fool's Paradise Day, and thinks that since it is a fool, it should try to take a vacation and go to paradise, leaving the rest of us in the lurch. In simpler terms, for some reason it keeps making things blurry and giving those of us who attempt to read/write using the computer headaches, refusing to play DVDs and certain CD-ROMs (and, at times, refusing to acknowledge their existence), opening iTunes on people's accounts who don't even have a reason to open iTunes, as they don't have any music players that connect to the computer at all, and deleting my dad's account. (That went over well.) Needless to say (I should hope), we're getting it fixed. Unfortunately, that does mean that I shall, again, be off the grid for a few days. (Hopefully only a few).

Isn't it great how long technology lasts? This computer is...oh...two years old, at the most. :-P

But anyway...on the plus side, I figured out how to display WFTH in a simpler manner if, for some odd reason, anyone should like to access it on their smartphone! Or dumbphone, I suppose. Potentially even on their hopelesslystupidbeyondbeliefphone, although those aren't reaching the height of popularity...

Anyway, sorry for blips and bleeps and gaps and geese in between posts, and there shall apparently be one more. But never fear, this shall (hopefully) soon come to an end! See you then, and Happy Fool's Paradise Day! :D

Random picture of the day:

Maybe I should try this solution in the hard drive of my computer...I'm sure that'd work really well.

Anyway, today's Words are from the Random Roulette Wheel category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"I wonder what it would be like to be a pumpkin." And here we see the broad, wide-reaching effects of philosophy class. And also why we are doomed if we are relying on our generation to fix things.

"I'll throw an apple at you; will that help?" *dramatic voice* Always.

"Oh, I die a lot. Just ask Emily." I will. I can't believe you would die so often without a proper license, signed in triplicate! *very offended*

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