Friday, April 1, 2011

Yad Sdrawkcab Gnihtyreve Epyt!

Hello, all! Happy Type Everything Backwards Day! ...actually, it's Celebrate Flattened Quarters Day. ...just kidding, it's Staples Do Sometimes Attack New York Day. I mean, National Squishy Earlobes Day! .......okay, actually you probably already knew what holiday it really is. Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! :D Feel free to celebrate any of the other made-up holidays, though. :D

Anyway, today's Words are from the Fairly Mean category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"I don't like scraping brains off the carpet and then I have to fill out paperwork." It's inspiring how much you really care.

"[chanting repeatedly] He will eat you at your desk in seconds. He will eat you at your desk in seconds. He will eat you at your desk in seconds." How reassuring.

"Your book sucked like your mom's feet." Okay, again, we do not know how to make proper insults, people! That doesn't even make sense! Did you even attend that insult-making class I signed you up for?

"See? You'd be a good fat guy." There we go, people, this is the true art of the insult. Here, we observe an insulting phrase cleverly disguised as a compliment! Very nice, truly stellar work here. A+.


Tassel630 said...

But when else will we be able to celebrate squishy earlobes? WHEN, EVE?

Eve S. D'ropper said...

I DON'T KNOW, Tassel! You're gonna have to deal with this crisis on your own. Perhaps a handy Squishy Earlobes For Dummies reference book?

Corinne said...

Brain carpet... ew. That's why I have a cleaning lady.
JD has squishy earlobes! I know things :)